Chris Lortie (b.1993) is a composer and computer musician. His compositions regularly involve the use of live electronics as a means of augmenting and disrupting both sonic and visual cues; as such, Chris’s music often explores the subjects of trickery, deceit, and illusion in the electroacoustic domain. His pieces are informed by his interests in psychoacoustics, binaural audio, ambisonics, performance art, theatre, installation art, and improvisation. Chris’s music has been performed nationally and internationally at festivals and conferences such as SEAMUS, N_SEME, Electroacoustic Barndance, SPLICE, soundSCAPE, and the Matera Intermedia Festival by performers and ensembles including Quatuor Bozzini, Line Upon Line Percussion, Mari Kimura, Ekmeles, Ensemble Proton, and the Toledo Symphony Orchestra. Chris Lortie began his musical studies at Bowling Green State University where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Music Composition. He is currently studying with Jaroslaw Kapuscinski and Eric Ulman as a doctoral student at Stanford University.